University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service

are interdisciplinary education, research, and public service units of universities or public or not-for-profit entities associated with universities that engage in core functions, described [below] addressing, directly or indirectly, 1 or more of the [following] areas of emphasis:

  1. Provision of interdisciplinary pre-service preparation and continuing education of students and fellows, which may include the preparation and continuing education of leadership, direct service, clinical, or other personnel to strengthen and increase the capacity of States and communities to achieve the purpose of this title.
  2. Provision of community services-
    1. that provide training or technical assistance for individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, professionals, paraprofessionals, policy-makers, students, and other members of the community; and
    2. that may provide services, supports, and assistance for the persons described in clause (i) through demonstration and model activities.
  3. Conduct of research, which may include basic or applied research, evaluation, and the analysis of public policy in areas that affect or could affect, either positively or negatively, individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.
  4. Dissemination of information related to activities undertaken to address the purpose of this title, especially dissemination of information that demonstrates that the network authorized under this subtitle is a national and international resource that includes specific substantive areas of expertise that may be accessed and applied in diverse settings and circumstances.

Ref: Developmental Disabilities Act 2000